About Me

Want your products to appeal to the customers abroad? Looking to impress international audience with your research paper? Need an official document translated for a local office?

I’d be happy to help.

I’m Sofía Pereson, a certified English-Spanish translator, copyeditor and proofreader with more than 9 years of experience, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I work with technical, scientific, legal and financial documents, as well as website copy and marketing materials.

Sofía Pereson

Born and raised in Argentina

I was born and raised in Argentina, where in 2010 I got my degree in scientific, technical and literary translation. After that, I worked as a freelance translator and copyeditor until my husband and I moved to Chicago in 2017.

A few months later, I accepted a position as a Spanish editor and translator at Encyclopaedia Britannica, where I mostly focused on scientific and technical content, and edited the marketing materials for the Latin American customers.

After almost two exciting years at Britannica, I decided to return to being my own boss and to work closely with my clients, learning about their projects and watching them achieve their goals with my help.

At the beginning of 2020, I moved to Pennsylvania because of my husband’s job. Now I serve my clients from the historic city of Philadelphia.

Certified translator and copyeditor in English and Spanish

In addition to my degree in translation, I got certified in copyediting in Spanish at Fundación LITTERAE (Argentina) and in copyediting in English at The University of Chicago (USA). Since then I have helped many people, companies and NGOs:

  • publish research manuscripts in scholarly journals and communicate their ideas to the world by translating, copyediting and proofreading their work;
  • travel, study or work abroad by translating official documents;
  • make the products of their company accessible in other countries by translating product labels, technical sheets, catalogues or their whole website;
  • share the know-how and learn new technologies by translating operation manuals;
  • receive funding to help those in need by translating applications, agreements and other necessary documents.


After we received complaints from our Spanish speaking stakeholders, we realized that we needed to retranslate the materials for our annual competitive grants program.

Sofía has retranslated all the documents as well as several PowerPoint presentations. Besides her highly professional, accurate and punctual translations, what I appreciate about Sofía the most is her desire to learn more about our organization to provide the most accurate translations possible.

We provided her with a glossary of commonly used terms and our preferred translations, which she was more than happy to accommodate. She asked us to share any feedback from our stakeholders recommending different word choices, so she could document them for future translation jobs.

She also didn’t hesitate to contact me when additional context or clarification were needed. By taking a moment out of her day to do this she has saved our organization lots of time and money that could have been lost in yet another inaccurate translation.


Angela Supernaw
The Global FoodBanking Network

When I accept a job, I adopt it as if it were mine. I won’t be your employee but your teammate who genuinely cares about your project. Your project will receive my undivided attention, as I work on one project at a time.

Unlike large translation companies, you deal with only one person: me. I’m the one preparing the quote, doing the job and receiving your feedback. Should you have any questions, you don’t have to wait for a project manager to track down the translator who’s working on your documents.

Being able to speak a second language doesn’t make one a good translator. To create a text that reads naturally while preserving the original message, a translator must have the confidence in their skill to detach themselves from the original.

I understand and truly enjoy the challenge of finding the right words to create a translation for your document that sounds natural, conveys the same meaning and has the same effect on the reader as the original text.


I’m a certified English-Spanish translator, copyeditor and proofreader with more than 9 years of experience. I work with technical, scientific, legal and financial documents, as well as marketing materials and website copy. Unlike the big translation companies where you don’t know who’s working on your document and how many projects they are juggling at once, I make your project my priority and I’m always there to answer your questions. Learn more