Sofía Pereson | English-Spanish TranslatorSofía Pereson | English-Spanish Translator

about me

I am an English-Spanish Technical, Scientific and Literary Translator graduated from "Almirante G. Brown" Institute of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. During my last year of study, I was awarded a distinction for having obtained the highest average in the class and had the honor of being the flag bearer of the Translator Training Program. In 2012, I completed the Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Program at the same institute.

I am registered under the Association of Professional Translators of Santa Fe, 1st District, and I am the General Secretary of its Board of Directors. In addition, I am a member of the Press and Broadcast Commission, and I help organize training courses for the associates.

Curently, I am taking a post-graduate course on copy editing in Spanish at the prestigious Fundación LITTERAE.

my approach

Each project is unique. Therefore, I work closely with my clients to listen and understand what they need so as to give a customized answer to their specific requirements. Responsiveness, efficiency and commitment constitute the essential pillars of a successful project. In a framework of continuous collaboration, I match my clients’ development guaranteeing effective, fast and reliable solutions to everyday challenges.

my objective

My objective is to provide you with top-notch translation and proofreading services, and help your messages go beyond the language barriers and reach an international audience clearly and effectively. A translation is successful when it fulfills the function the original text was written for and when it conveys the same message, always respecting the structures and turns of each individual language.

how I work

Far from just looking up equivalences in the dictionary, I get to the bottom of words to fully understand their meaning and express it in a different language. I use advanced software tools to optimize times, guarantee the quality of translations and, thus, provide a coherent work from beginning to end. Aware of the impact a well or poorly written text has on the reader, I work with dedication to deliver a final product that reads naturally.