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Welcome! My name is Sofía and I am an English-Spanish translator living in Argentina. From the city of Santa Fe, I work to make communication possible between people who speak different languages, thus helping your projects, services and products go beyond the language boundaries and have a global reach effectively and accurately.

A lover of literature, I am dedicated to breaking down the linguistic barriers and bridging the gap between cultures and people. I provide functional and faithful translations that read naturally and that convey the original message with all the turns and nuances inherent to each language.

I invite you to go through my website to learn more about the services I offer and the way I work. Enjoy your trip...

My approach

Each project is unique. Therefore, I work closely with my clients to listen and understand what they need so as to give a customized answer to their specific requirements. Responsiveness, efficiency and commitment constitute the essential pillars of a successful project. In a framework of continuous collaboration, I match my clients’ development guaranteeing effective, fast and reliable solutions to everyday challenges. My objective is to provide you with top-notch translation and proofreading services, and help your messages go beyond the language barriers and reach an international audience clearly and effectively. Continue reading...

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What my clients say

We have hired Sofía’s Spanish-into-English translation services for more than a year now, since we always receive a quick answer and the agreed guidelines are always met. She doesn’t only do the job required in a highly professional way, but usually suggests improvements on the original texts. Today, we don’t hesitate to send her all the technical and commercial material we need to send to our foreign clients since we know we’ll have a reliable document at the time we need it. I’d give Sofía Pereson’s details to any colleague needing a translation into English.

Food Manufacturing Company

I have assigned the translation of a scientific-engineering paper, from Spanish into English, to Sofía and the result obtained was excellent. Communication was smooth regarding the quotation and the establishment of deadlines. She provided a quick and quality answer, which is highly important for this kind of projects. Undoubtedly, I recommend Sofía's services for translation and proofreading of scientific documents.

Assistant Researcher at CONICET

Sofía was excellent from the first moment we started working together, showing a high professionalism, punctuality and responsibility. I hired her several times to translate general information about food products as well as highly technical documents. The punctuality and quality of her work are impeccable. The translations were excellent, without delays and always meeting deadlines. Very often we need translations to be delivered at short notice and, fortunately, Sofía has always answered positively.

Food Manufacturing Company

I am very happy with the translation you have done for me. Beyond the technical aspect —which was excellent— I must highlight your willingness, punctuality and flexibility regarding the deadline and way of working. In my case, the translation consisted of a paper that had to be presented at an international congress. The event required articles to be written in excellent English since foreign professionals were in charge of the organization. Regarding this, I must say my complete paper in English did not have any type of objections, which proves the quality of your work.

Agricultural Engineer - INTA